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What is TerrierTown?
If you love Terriers, you've found the ultimate online destination. We are an active and growing community of dog lovers, and you'll find lots of fun activities and helpful information about Terrier breeds. is a "sister-site" of the Terrier Club, one of the largest breed-specific sites on the web. While the Terrier Club caters to just Cairns and Westies, our founder has created TerrierTown for all other Terrier Breeds.

If you're a purebred Terrier, you can join our community and we'll create a personal bio page just for you (well, for your Terrier anyway).

And, membership in TerrierTown is free. What's the catch? None! Because we're privately owned and funded by volunteer donations, we have no advertising and we won't sell your membership info. (Terriers just hate spammers and junk mail.)

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